Art of Peace by Davita

Art of Peace by Collective Wisdom

Art of Peace by Davita

Art of Peace by Davita

A Book is Proof... that Humans are capable of working Magic

Yes, it’s a Book!

Art of Peace offers us a glimpse into a Collective Wisdom of the brightest minds of our Species. It is a spotlight that shines upon the Real Stars of our Civilization that, unlike the fake modern “super-stars”, dedicated their entire lives to the Progress of Humanity and not to riches, to the betterment of the Whole Creation and not to their egos, to leaving this place in a better shape for future generations to be able to enjoy… to doing what is right!

Simply described: Art of Peace is a compilation of Powerful Life Quotes and Awesome Art.

It is also a Theory of Everything…

The sole purpose of this Project is to Inspire current and future generations to learn from the wisest and the bravest souls that walked this beautiful Earth- the bearers of Light through the deadliest storms of hatred, prejudice, discrimination…

This compilation, which was more than 3 years in the making, and quite frankly, would have been impossible without Public Internet, Google and Facebook, and hundreds of people who have created and shared the Art included in this publication, that rightfully deserve all the credit for making this a reality- is a tribute to Humanity’s greatest minds and souls: the thinkers and artists, the poets and revolutionaries, the scientists and spiritual seekers, and all the rest of you, the beautiful beings, who continue to devote their lives for a positive change to occur within our lifetime, so we can All say together one day:

“WE did it!”


*WARNING: Even though this Book is not intended to treat disease or conditions such as depression and anxiety, it may have the power to do so… Take slowly and carefully, though, as known side effects may include and are not limited to sudden motivation, rise in energy levels, uncontrollable smiling and spontaneous bursts into tears that may lead to liberating, healing laughter…

Curious reader will discover a treasure trove of insight, inspiration, motivation, and an All-You-Can-Eat Food-for-Thought Buffet.

It grabs attention instantly. Entertains the brain endlessly.

Warms up the Heart suddenly. Makes a great gift, too!

And we are making its Digital version available to every Living, Thinking Being at Zero cost!

When you’ve immersed yourself in this truly unique Book even just for a few pages, and you’ve suddenly found yourself in Love with it, and realized that you should definitely have a hard copy and maybe even a few copies to give away to those who matter to you the most…

Then you may choose to contribute to this Project and get it as a thank you gift, or it may be ordered from at the lowest allowed cost with no strings attached.

Entire Project: Art of Peace by Collective Wisdom, Davita, HempEx,…

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Powerful Life Quotes: Art of Peace by Collective Wisdom. Food for ThoughtBorn to be Great!

We are born to be Great, not to just follow orders and obey dictates! We are Free to Fly, but first- we must realize and then break the cage we were thrown to shortly after coming into this World. Then, even the Sky is not the Limit… 

Unlike scriptures, doctrines, holy books and other manuals, Art of Peace does not tell you what conclusions you should form, nor does it tell you what to think or do… It merely shines the spot-light on a Collective Wisdom of Our Species, so We can start making Better Choices, Together as a Human Kind.

Always a Free Choice:

We either continue to use the current system to fill our pockets with a temporary illusion of happiness…

Or we replace the current lifeless system with a new model that is alive and caring, so All Life can Thrive again, as it was meant to be by the Creator, whether you call him Almighty God, Universe or Nature…

From the Blog...

Hello, Humans!

Today I would like to tell you a story about my Home Planet Eureka and our latest History, and about how similarly to Earth today, our own Civilization once stood on a brink of Extinction, facing tragic Global Eco-Sphere Pollution, degenerative Mutation of Species, ourselves included, and Super-Powerful Catastrophic Natural events that shook our World in all its corners, and brought crumbling down even the most modern buildings and structures we considered to be built tough…

We have been warned! Most of our scientists were absolutely right, talking for decades about the consequences and potential dangers associated with burning Fossil types of Fuels, burning garbage, burning trees, burning, burning… Our Civilization has built itself, much like Earth today, on finite resources that were very rapidly exhausting our Planet Eureka, while making everything around us extremely toxic, nasty and unhealthy. Hurricanes and Storms were becoming more frequent, powerful and destructive, but Eureka’s warring among themselves governments were too busy counting money and enjoying power over their flocks, that have blindly accepted all the lies and excuses, like Global Economic Crises and International Sanctions that they were throwing at each other, like that is supposed to help the Economy!?. Whatever!

But thankfully, somewhere deep down inside, Eurecians have never trusted their rulers entirely, and so when things were beginning to obviously go out of hand, we, as a Collective, had a choice to make: do we trust our governments and corporations that are secretly running them, to fix the mess that they’ve created and pray that they would do it quick enough… or just start fixing things on our own, independently.
Earth has a good saying: “You just don’t leave people that have created the problem in charge of finding a solution”. Or fixing the problem. If you want it done, you’ve got to do it yourself!

And so the Eurecians became Disobedient One by One: we’ve built Electric Cars and Trucks, we’ve put up Solar Panels and Windmills, and we’ve started to grow “Cahe”- a plant similar to Earth’s Hemp, for Oil to make Bio-Fuel, for Fiber to build our homes, and for the seeds as a Super-food to heal our toxic, mutating bodies…

Thanks for your Support!

Your Mind is the Garden. Your Thoughts are the Seeds... You can Grow Flowers... or weeds

A Theory of Everything... Powerful Quotes: Art of Peace by Collective Wisdom. Food for Thought

Powerful Quotes: Art of Peace by Collective Wisdom. Food for Thought

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Powerful Life Quotes: Art of Peace by Collective Wisdom. Food for Thought
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