OXYGENYX:"Help YourCellf!" Fix & Maintain Healthy Immune System

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Fix & Maintain Healthy Immune System with OXYGENYX

OXYGENYX™ is a simple, yet very Powerful Blend of Hydrogen Peroxide, Essential Minerals and a Secret Organic Compound, that supplies your Body with the necessary ammunition to Fix & Maintain Healthy Immune System.

Most people today, especially those living in Cities, suffer from dramatic lack of Pure Oxygen and Vital Minerals, which results in Body’s poor ability to fight the enemy properly, efficiently and naturally.

Pure Atomic Oxygen is the number 1 ingredient that our Cells must have to be healthy, but don’t get enough of and crave for constantly, given today’s global air conditions.

Fix & Maintain Healthy Immune System with OXYGENYX

Essential Minerals are the number 2 ingredient that our Cells must have to function properly, but do not get an adequate supply of, despite the gazillion of food varieties available on the market.

Oxygen and Mineral deficiencies lead to Immune System deterioration and dysfunction, which results in a poor overall health and a total Mind-Body disharmony.

Healthy Cells are Happy Cells… helping Your Cells to get what they need to be Happy… makes You Healthy!

“Help YourCellf”™ with OXYGENYX™ and Unleash a Healthier & Happier Version of Yourself!

There are 3 kinds of Oxygen:

Fix & Maintain Healthy Immune System with OXYGENYXO2 is the kind we breathe and is called Diatomic- it is comprised of 2 Atoms; O3 is Ozone; and O (one atom) is Atomic Oxygen, which is responsible for every single process in our “Defense Department”. If not for an Atomic Oxygen, we’d be literally eaten alive by all the bacteria, in a matter of days!

Atomic Oxygen kills bacteria, virus, fungi and every single parasite upon contact. It is Body’s Natural Mechanism of Self-Defense, and without it- Life as we know it would not be possible!

Atomic Oxygen is abundantly present in Nature: fields, forests, waterfalls and mountains… The problem is that it is highly reactive with other elements, and so as soon as it reaches a town or a city- it literally clings to Pollution and forms harmful “greenhouse” gases, such as CO2 – Carbon Dioxide.

Fix & Maintain Healthy Immune System with OXYGENYXA Secret Organic Compound that is added to the OXYGENYX™ formula acts as a Medium to separate and deliver an extra Atomic Oxygen Molecule in the Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) to the Cells via the Skin absorption. Most of our Body’s Immune System is in the Skin; therefore, supplying the Skin directly with proper amounts of Nutrients and Pure Oxygen regularly, is as important as supplying any Army with all the necessary food, equipment and ammunition to combat external threats successfully.

Discovered in the early 70’s

Fix & Maintain Healthy Immune System with OXYGENYXby my Grandma Sofia, a Chemist and a Cell Biologist, who often told us that her longevity secret was in taking Oxygen- and Mineral- rich Baths every week, which helped her live a healthy and happy Life without the “help” of doctors or any medicine at all!, OXYGENYX™ formula has been tested within a span of 4 generations! Grandma lived to celebrate her 96th Birthday, being able to walk half-a-mile to the supermarket and haul the groceries to her 3rd story apartment with no elevator. She was the first person in our family to live over 75, my Dad will be celebrating his 84th Birthday next year, followed by my Mom… I am approaching 45, and have never seen a doctor in my entire adult life. Our children grow up with OXYGENYX™, and the only times we have given them antibiotics- were for ear infections in their first years.

Fix & Maintain Healthy Immune System with OXYGENYXMy name is Dennis. I am a founder of OXYGENYX™, and I do realize that all of this sounds too good to be true… So I have to say that, thank God, I’m not a doctor, and I do not have a Magic Potion to sell… And I do know that there is more to good health than Proper Nutrition and Pure Oxygen: Regular Physical Activity and a Positive State of Mind are the other 2 Key ingredients… And when all 4 are combined, it does produce nothing short of a miracle- growing old and being healthy!

From our family to yours, a promise: OXYGENYX™ works! But if you don’t like it, you’ll get your money back, no questions asked!

Topical Solution • Bath Soak • Oral Rinse

Fix & Maintain Healthy Immune System with OXYGENYXEnjoy a warm Bath with a Solution tested by Four Generations!

Light up some candles… Relax… Enjoy… Shower… Rest.

•Refreshes dull skin.
•Helps relieve joint aches and muscle tensions.
•Aids against fungus.
•Supercharges skin’s immune system to fend off infections, viruses, bacteria and parasites.
•Removes bacteria that causes tooth decay.
Fix & Maintain Healthy Immune System with OXYGENYX•Promotes faster healing.
•Improves well-being.

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